June 2022

Lorna has been our go-to real estate agent for nearly 20 years. Her experience and gut instincts mean she can look at a crack in a wall or sniff out a basement, and identify whether something is a potential problem or an easy fix.

She has a roster of trusted service professionals she can confidently recommend, excellent local knowledge of Guelph, and always has insights to offer on changes in the market. Lorna is our go-to recommendation for friends and family looking to buy or sell property in Guelph.

Lisa & Rob M.

March 2022

We would love to recommend Lorna Ronald as an A-1 Realtor!  She is efficient, caring, and knowledgeable...no little detail is too much for her.  We just had her as our representative on our second sale of property...and she has become our friend!  Thank you, Lorna, for all you do for us.

Robert & Carolyn R.

January 2020

Lorna was our realtor for two purchases and two sales in Guelph. Lorna combines personal service with stellar industry knowledge. We came to trust her greatly. She takes time to build relationships with clients so that she can understand their needs and offer meaningful advice. Highly recommended!

Cherolyn K.

Lorna and Owen (from The RC Team) were great! They offered great advice and were always very accommodating to our needs which were often very short notice. They helped us find our new home and walked us through the process as first time home buyers. They were with us at every milestone from viewing, inspections, and the final walkthrough. They were kind enough to keep in touch after the purchase to make sure everything was going alright and would link us in with resources (plumbers, home inspectors) when we needed them. We are very glad that they were with us through the process.

Henry L. and Sheila L.

In the last 5 years I have bought several homes with Lorna. She is one of the most honest and ethical people I have ever met. What a great combination to find in an agent ! She has the experience and support staff needed in this highly competitive market. I have and will continue to recommend Lorna!


Tara O.

Lorna was the perfect agent for my fiancée and I. She had worked with my fiancée in the past (long ago) and he knew she would be the right fit for us. Lorna has a keen sense about her clients. Is able to quickly determine what is right or not right for her clients and even offers suggestions that we didn’t think of without compromising our needs. Lorna is highly motivated and to the point — which was perfect for us. She is very familiar with the Guelph neighborhoods and is able to pinpoint homes that fit our needs. Her knowledge of the industry is very apparent and we appreciated her expertise. She walked us through each step of the process with patience and kindness. In turn it made this experience easy and dare I say fun. I highly recommend Lorna if you are looking for an agent that will be honest, motivated and dedicated to finding the right home….not just any home!

Anne A.

Lorna was a very pleasant and friendly person to deal with. She was enthusiastic about selling our place. She took time to explain everything to us before we listed with her and she was always patient when answering our questions. She had a clear marketing plan for selling our house based on her proven success record. She showcased our house in multiple medias and after just one active week we had three offers from which we could choose a buyer. Lorna was a pleasure to deal with and we would gladly recommend her to family and friends. We would give her a 5 star rating.

Joan C.

My husband and I were making a huge move from Toronto to Guelph, and we didn’t know the city all that well when we started our hunt. Lorna and her team (Collette and Owen in particular) were so patient with us as we explored many different neighbourhoods and properties, and were honest with us when something we saw didn’t really fit our needs or wants. Lorna genuinely cared about our family and understood our stress about finding a new home to love. We trusted her implicitly to take care of our needs and support us throughout the process.

Andrea H.

I’ve worked with many realtors over the years and I would say Lorna Ronald has been the most personable, professional and attentive and any that I’ve worked with.  She’s able to connect and establish a working relationship with clients immediately and quickly understand their needs. Whether we were buying or selling I have found Lorna to be exceptionally attentive and her many years of experience in real estate made the process and paperwork seem effortless. Through her extensive professional network, she has also been able to provide referral and support for my commercial/business needs. Lorna is an all-around excellent realtor – experienced, community connected, professional, reliable and personable.  I couldn’t recommend her more.

Mary C.

Moving house can be a trying and befuddling process, full of stresses and strains. In the midst of that process, what you most long for is a guide, someone who can allay your fears, demystify the complexities, and help gently to set you upon the smoothest path, the one that’s right for you. Lorna Ronald is such a person; and she has been extraordinarily kind and helpful to us, a wise guide through the thorns and thickets of moving house. Her understanding of the terrain is complete, she communicates with clarity and a sense of fun, and she makes one feel secure in the midst of a process that can otherwise be quite unsettling.

I’m deeply grateful to Lorna for her help and guidance. And I recommend her in the very highest terms.

Daniel C.